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ASL Mobile Eye



The Mobile Tracking Lab is currently located in the the Collablab. The Lab is located at 2240 Campus Drive on the second floor of the Frances Searle Building in room #2-431. In addition to the equipment, mobile eye-tracking data can be stored on a secure server, which can be arranged by contacting our staff. This allows users of the facility off-site storage for instances in which they do not have enough storage in their own labs.


The technological centerpiece of the mobile tracking lab is an Applied Sciences Laboratories (ASL) "Mobile Eye" tetherless eye-tracking unit that permits the exploration of real-world interactions in unconstrained mobile environments. The facilities currently include the following:

  • Two Sets of ASL Mobile Eye Tetherless Eye-tracking Optics. The facility houses two sets of optics for remote data collection. Specifically, each unit includes one set of lightweight optics, a modified portable digital VCR, batteries, battery charger, and carrying pack.
  • Analysis Computer . The facility houses a laptop computer that includes the setup for downloading and performing data analysis. It is a 3 GHz laptop computer that includes the EyeVision software and an internal framegrabber for extracting data from the mobile units. This unit is used to remove the captured data from the optics unit and perform data preparation and analysis. The unit is stored in the facility but can be used by researchers using the optics.
  • Accessories. The facility also stores all cables, batteries, battery charger, carrying pack, and manuals.