Iris: Gaze Visualization Design Made Easy
Eye movements contain a wealth of information about how we process visual information. For example, fixations inform us about what people are focusing on and for how long, and saccades reveal how people shift their attention from one fixation point or object to another. Visualizing this information can help us understand how people process visual information and can be used to help collaborators communicate effectively in distributed environments. However, there are many different ways to visualize gaze information and current tools do not support creative development of gaze visualizations.

The Iris platform allows users to design gaze visualizations to represent their eye movements in real time. The simple interface supports creative exploration of design features. For examples, visualizations can be customized on a number of different features including: size, color, number of previous fixations, smoothing, opacity, and style. Watch the video to see how to use all of the features in Iris.

Download Iris
Iris is an open source project created by Jeff Brewer, Sarah D'Angelo and Darren Gergle. Download Iris on our github.

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